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Within the past 20 years, ACAS has been a recognized leader in utilizing community-based research (CBR) to explore the issues and needs of the East and Southeast Asian communities. Through partnerships with affected community members, project advisory committees, academic partners, and the utilization of peer research associates, ACAS has meaningfully engaged target population in a number of research studies to investigate issues that are most relevant to the community and produce findings that are impactful and beneficial the community.

Launching of the ACAS Community-base Research Reports:

Asian Migrant Farm Workers in Ontario & the AMP2R on Resilience for Asian Gay/Bi men


ACAS has conducted two community-based research studies between 2011 and 2013:

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From 2009-2012, ACAS implemented the Asian Migrant Farm Workers’ Health Promotion project to provide HIV/STIs and Hepatitis C prevention, education, and outreach to Asian migrant farm workers in Ontario. Our project partners were the AIDS Committee of Windsor, AIDS Niagara, the Thai Society of Ontario, and Justice for Migrant Workers. We were able to outreach to over 500 AMFWs during the 3 year period. At present, ACAS continues to work
with AMFWs by organizing outreach activities, and referral service.

You can access the online PDF version of the report here:

Download (PDF, 455KB)


You can view the community report via ISSUU (flash version) here:


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In 2011, ACAS received funding from the CIHR  to organize a community forum for Asian men: Sex, Love, Asian, Men! (S.L.A.M.!). Utilizing the community responses gathered at S.L.A.M., the ACAS research committee hosted a research think tank with community members and academic partners to craft relevant research questions for the community-based research studies which will directly benefit the community. This has led to the creation of the ACAS Asian MSM Pathways to Resiliency (AMP2R) Research Study.

The Asian MSM Pathways to Resiliency (AMP2R) Research Community Report was launched at the historic Glad Day Bookshop on January 30, 2015.

You can access the online PDF version of the report here:

Download (PDF, 2.72MB)


You can view the community report via ISSUU (flash version) here:


If you have any questions about the two studies, please contact research@2016.acas.org.