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The ACAS Men’s Program announces its launch of its new official SLAM! (Sex, Love, Asian, Men!) website (http://slam.2016.acas.org/) and a new PSA “HIV Testing: As Easy As Ordering Bubble Tea”!

About the SLAM! (Sex, Love, Asian, Men!) website:

SLAM micosite

SLAM! is the gay/bi Asian Men’s program created by Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The SLAM! website is a hub to curate relevant and interesting information for gay/bi Asian men.

ACAS’ Men’s Program aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among Asian men who have sex with men by promoting safer sex practices, harm reduction behaviours and early intervention in culturally relevant ways. Interactions with community members through our outreach activities at bathhouses, bars, and other community events have indicated a gap in the sexual health information being provided to our target population, Asian gay/bi men. Further, inconsistent and potentially unreliable or out-of date information is, we believe, contributing to inadequate sexual health-related decision-making among Asian gay/bi men.

In November 2009, the ACAS Men’s Program piloted a sexual health symposium entitled Sex, Love, Asian Men! (SLAM!) in order to reach a broad audience as well as to identify gaps and barriers in Asian men’s sexual health education and service needs. The symposium was targeted to self-identified Asian gay/bi men from all ethnic backgrounds. Over 30 participants attended the inaugural event, which consisted of three interactive educational and knowledge translation workshops on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), risks, and HIV testing (Sex Without Fear), relationships (Sex and Relationships), and body image (Sex and Body Image).Workshops were facilitated by prominent members of the Asian community.

ACAS’ Men’s Program is committed to reaching the broader Asian male population using an inclusive, non-judgmental approach to identify and respond to the needs of our target population. To that end, we intend to expand the scope of our programming beyond HIV/AIDS, and plan to continue SLAM! yearly. We intend to build on our success by bringing together previous and new participants from across Ontario, and expanding our presenters and facilitators to relevant local, national and international, health-care providers, and front line workers who have expertise related to Asian men’s sexual health needs and concerns.

Visit the SLAM website here: http://slam.2016.acas.org/

The ACAS Mens’ Program is also making a callout to anyone who would like to make a contribution to the website in a form of (personal) stories related to being gay and Asian, sex, love, family, relationship, coming out, etc, or poems, or comics, pictorials, or anything that would rack up your creative juice. You can write it as yourself or use a pseudo name.

There will be a $30 honorarium for any article that is published. All you need to do is to email Richard, Ryan or Brian Tokisaru Ly. And if there is any article that is SLAM website worthy, please let us know, and we will publish it.

New PSA “HIV Testing: As Easy As Ordering Bubble Tea”


Nervous about getting tested for HIV? Now it is as simple as ordering a milk tea! Rapid HIV tests gives you results in minutes, and some clinics like the Hassle Free clinic offer anonymous testing. This video shows what to expect when you go to get tested.


Filming and Editing: Hiroyuki Azuma
Music: © Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (Stereocool ‘To the Death’ Remix)

The video is developed to help prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The contents of the video are written and reviewed by health experts.


For more information on sexual health, healthy sexuality, and support for people living with HIV/AIDS, please contact ACAS (Asian Community AIDS Services):

Email: mensexualhealth@2016.acas.org or gaap@2016.acas.org
Call: (416)963-4300
260 Spadina Avenue, Unit 410
Toronto, ON M5T 2E4