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To commemorate our 20th Anniversary, ACAS has created two special awards to honor individuals who espouse the core values and visions of ACAS and have contributed to our organization’s success.

The Patrick Truong Award, named after our late Support Program staff, AIDS activist, and a community member, is to honor a person living with HIV/AIDS of East & Southeast Asian cultural heritage who has made significant contributions in the areas of HIV/AIDS, human rights and/or related social justice issues in Canada or internationally.

Derek Yee

This year’s Patrick Truong Award recipient is Derek Yee. Derek is a fearless community leader who is supportive towards inclusion of people living with HIV in treatment literacy and peer counselling through his work with the Ethno-racial Treatment Support Network (ETSN). He has been involved with ACAS as a volunteer and a board member in the past, and with various AIDS service organizations including Fife House, AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO), Black-CAP, CAAT, ASAAP in different capacities.

The 20th Anniversary Community Building Award honors an individual of East & Southeast Asian cultural heritage who has demonstrated long-term commitment, dedication, and accomplishments in community organizing or advocacy work related to HIV/AIDS, LGBT, human rights or social justice.

Alan Li

Dr. Alan Li is the recipient of the 20th Anniversary Community Building Award. Alan is a primary care physician at Regent Park Community Health Centre. In early 1990s, at the highest peak of AIDS epidemic in Ontario, Alan and members of the Gay Asians Toronto (GAT) started the Gay Asian AIDS project (GAAP) and subsequently, Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) to provide support and education for Asians infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. His activism and community building have spanned more than 3 decades and extended beyond ACAS. To mention a few of his community contributions: He was the founding co-chair of the “Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment” (CAAT), a coalition group of many health and community. Hehas led a number of community-based research studies on issues affecting immigrant, refugee and non-status PHAs and culturally diverse communities in Canada. He has been an important advocate for access to HIV support services for immigrants and refugees. His community building work and contributions are endless and we are very proud to present this award to him.



Both awards will be presented at the 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner on Friday, May 30 at the Old Mill Hotel. Tickets are on sale at ACAS (officeadmin@2016.acas.org) or online athttps://www.eventbrite.ca/e/celebrasian-acas-20th-anniversary-gala-dinner-tickets-1415749545

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