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How can I get involved with ACAS?:

There are many ways how you can get involved with ACAS. You can:

  1. Become a member of our organization;
  2. Become a volunteer;
  3. Apply for employment opportunities;
  4. Help out with our fundraising campaigns;

Why should I get involved with ACAS?:



As a non-profit, community-based organization, ACAS often relies heavily on the generous support of its volunteers and donors to ensure we are meeting our service demands with quality programming and services. Many of those who are involved with the agency can attest that ACAS has a warm, welcoming and open environment where they would call it their second home. At ACAS, we value the skills and knowledge of those who steps in our agency and strive to provide opportunities where one can further their capacities through their involvement with us.

Contact information

Mina Heng, Executive Assistant
416-963-4300 ext. 225


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