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As the only AIDS service organization that specifically serves East and Southeast Asians in Canada, we provide direct programming and services to East and Southeast Asians in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our 3 main areas of work include:

Treatment Workshop

To improve the well-being and health of East and Southeast Asians living with HIV, ACAS offers the following services and special projects:  Support Program; Special Projects (HIV/AIDS Treatment Information in East Asian LanguagesPhotoVoice Project), and acting as the secretariat of the Ontario Positive Asians (OPA+) Network, a joint initiative supported by Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) and the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP).


ACAS currently have 2 programs that focus on sexual identities and gender expressions to meet the service gaps within the East and Southeast Asian community: the Queer Asian Youth Program for Youth, and the Shimmer Project for Asian Trans Women



ACAS currently has 2 Education and Outreach programs that aim to improve the sexual health of members of the East and Southeast Asian community: the Sex, Love, Asian Men! (S.L.A.M.!) – ACAS Men’s Program, and the ACAS Women’s Program (for all Asian women, including queer and trans-women)