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Gabriel Bacani
Youth Education and Outreach Coordinator
  • Youth Education and Outreach Coordinator

Country of Origin: Canada

Language(s): English and very little Tagalog (I can fully understand it, though!)

How long you have worked at ACAS:

2 years

In one sentence, briefly describe what you like about your role/job at ACAS:

I enjoy making connections and learning from others! Being able to work with youth and think of ways to engage them is very fulfilling, fun and exciting.

Three Likes (it can be anything that you like):

Black bean sauce on rice noodles, pad thai and chicken (i’m always eating and hungry)

Comment to site visitor (brief sentence of anything you would like to say to the site visitor or service user):

Come to our QAY events! meet new people and learn some valuable skills from our workshops! E-mail me at youth@2016.acas.org or call me at (416) 963-4300 ext.229 if you want to drop by and learn more about our youth program.

(416) 963-4300 ext. 229 ∙ youth@2016.acas.org