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Ryan Tran
MSM Sexual Health Coordinator
  • MSM Sexual Health Coordinator

Country of Origin: Canada/Vietnam

Language(s): English, Conversationally Thai

How long you have worked at ACAS:

Started volunteering in 2005 and working since July 2013

In one sentence, briefly describe what you like about your role/job at ACAS:

I love meeting new people and connecting them to the gay Asian community or resources & services that can be helpful to them. It’s also rewarding to see when participants connect with each other or learn something new.

Three Likes (it can be anything that you like): Desserts, Dancing, & Dodgeball

Comment to site visitor (brief sentence of anything you would like to say to the site visitor or service user):

The gay world isn’t a lonely or hurtful place if you can find a space like ACAS. The people you meet here can be your friends and support for life. We welcome you with no judgments, open minds, and respect your privacy. At the same time we hope to open up your mind and learn something new! =)

(416) 963-4300 ext. 235 ∙ men@2016.acas.org