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Program Overview:

The ACAS Women Education and Outreach program aims to increase the access of heterosexual, queer and trans Asian women access to HIV/STI prevention & sexual health information and services. Our program emphasizes the peer model to empower our service users to become peer educators, and provide an array of workshops related to the holistic health needs of East and Southeast Asian women.

What do we do?

Through the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate services, the Women’s program addresses and attempts to work through the barriers facing many Asian women due to language barriers, discrimination, cultural taboos related to sexuality, and stigma around HIV/AIDS.

Program highlights:

The ACAS Women’s Program provides the following:

  • Workshops and information sessions in different languages to promote healthy sexuality and safer sex behaviours;
  • Outreach to diverse East and Southeast Asian communities, community events, women’s organization, and other venue to distribute information, safer sex kit, talk about HIV/AIDS and women’s issues;
  • Community Forum for Asian women to talk about sexuality;
  • Health promotion and wellness events;
  • Referral services to other women agencies;
  • Multilingual brochures and resources on testing and other issues related to healthy sexuality;
  • Peer educator training

How can you get involved?

Interested volunteers should fill out our online volunteer intake form,then attend the ACAS core-skills training and women’s program-specific outreach training. As a volunteer, you can determine the amount of time and level of involvement you would like to give as a volunteer. Opportunities include event planning, workshop facilitation, outreach volunteer and/or more.

Contact information:

Inex B. Incubury, Women’s Education and Outreach Coordinator
(416) 963-4300 ext. 225