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Program Overview:

ACAS’ Youth Program strives to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate education and outreach to East and Southeast Asian youths, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, questioning (LGBTTQQ),curious or undecided youth, across Toronto. All our activities are based on a non-judgmental peer education approach.Queer Asian Youth (QAY) is an initiative of the ACAS Youth Program that has been providing social spaces, capacity development, and peer support for LGBTTQQ, curious and undecided East and Southeast Asian youths and their friends since 2000.

What do we do?

  • Facilitate youth driven workshops on sexual health, healthy relationship, social determinants of health, and anti-oppression;
  • Provide capacity development training for youths to become peereducators to facilitate workshop and conduct outreach;
  • Organize social events for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, curious, undecided, or questioning East & Southeast Asian youths;
  • Develop multilingual brochures and resources on HIV prevention, testing, coming out, and other issues related to healthy sexuality

Program highlights:

Every year, over 200 youths attend events, workshops, and other activities organized by ACAS’ Youth Program. We also reach out to over 1000 youths through outreach activities per year.

  • Queer Asian Youth Forums were organized: In 2005 (Fact for Friction) and 2011 (Asians in Motion) provided large number of youth to explore their identity;
  • A large number of online communities support our programming: e.g. Facebook (over 300 members), Twitter (Over 250 members).

How can you get involved?

ACAS Youth Program recruits new members and volunteers all year long. Please fill out our online volunteer intake form and contact us for more information.

Contact information

Gabriel Bacani
Youth Education & Outreach Program Coordinator
(416) 963-4300 ext. 229

Vhil Castillejos
QAY Rice-in-Motion Sports & Recreation Trainer
(416) 963-4300 ext. 229



Telling Our Own Stories: Queer Asian Youth Writing Project (Jun 5, 2016)

QAY has always been aware of the lack of representation and/or misrepresentation of queer Asian youth identities in the community. As a response, QAY developed a project called “Telling Our Own Stories: Queer Asian Youth Writing Project” to create a book by and for LGBTQ+ East and Asian youth, the first one to be created in the community. QAY pitched the project to ArtReach in 2015, and was successful in receiving funding from them to make this project into reality.

Download (PDF, 6.23MB)

Coming Out Resources (For Youth & Parents)

Queer Asian Youth (QAY) developed a new resource for East and Southeast Asian LGBTQ youth and their parents/family members to provide information about the LGBTQ community and to help with the youth’s coming out process.



The resources are available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Tagalog.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the stories of 3 queer Asian youth and learn about how to take care of your health!


Please contact the QAY Youth Education & Outreach Program Coordinator if you would like to get a copy of these resources.